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Oakland Heritage Alliance (OHA) advocates for the protection, preservation, and revitalization of Oakland's architectural, historic, cultural, and natural resources through publications, education, and direct action.

Congratulations to OHA's 2015 Partners in Preservation Award Winners!

Oakland natives Tower of Power were presented with a Partners in Preservation Award by the Oakland Heritage Alliance on January 12 at a live performance at Yoshi's. 

Learn more about OHA's esteemed award winners:

412 Monte Vista Avenue

OHA has presented a Partners in Preservation Award to Oakland company BuildZig for its work on 412 Monte Vista, one of the few remaining mansions built on what was once known as “Millionaire Hill.” 

City Slicker Farms

A Partners in Preservation Award also goes to City Slicker Farms, an organization at the forefront of the sustainable urban farms and food justice movement, combining skills training, community building, direct service, and a commitment to social, economic, and racial justice in one of the most blighted communities in Oakland.

De Lauer's Super News Stand

Meet Partners in Preservation Award recipient De Lauer's Super News Stand, a landmark business in downtown Oakland for more than a century, which recently received a facelift.

Harriet Schlader, Woodminster Summer Musicals

Harriet Schlader, a founder and Managing Director for Woodminster Summer Musicals, has received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her 50 years of work at the historic Woodminster Amphitheater.

Kingfish Pub & Cafe

A PIP Award has been presented to the Kingfish Pub and Cafe, one of the few remaining old bars in the East Bay and a mainstay of the Temescal District, as well as the subject of a recent relocation, rehabilitation, and additions.

West Edge Opera for Lulu at the 16th Street Station

West Edge Opera has been awarded for its presentation of Lulu at the 16th Street Station, a Beaux-Arts marvel built by preeminent train station architect Jarvis Hunt in 1912.

MHA Clubhouse & Sequoia Horse Arena

The Metropolitan Horsemen's Association has received a PIP Award for its role in preserving the MHA Clubhouse and Sequoia Horse Arena, and thereby keeping Oakland's equestrian history alive for the public to enjoy.

Author Summer Brenner, Oakland Tales

Local auther Summer Brenner has been presented with a PIP Award for her book Oakland Tales, Lost Secrets of the Town, which takes a unique approach to making place and history come alive for young people. The book's intent, to connect youth to the place they live, inspire them to identify themselves in the continuum of history, envision a blueprint of the future, and catalyze discussions about cultural diversity, social hierarchy, and historical legacies, has been translated to the stage via theatrical presentations co-directed by SF's Word for Word theater company.

The Rabbi Steven & Leona Chester Campus at the Temple Sinai

OHA has presented a Partners in Preservation Award to Temple Sinai, the oldest continuously operating Jewish congregation in the East Bay, whose newly expanded facility incorporates modern style in a manner that is complementary to the historic fabric of its original structures.

Tower of Power

The Oakland-born music group Tower of Power has been presented with a PIP Award for its contribution to the promotion and preservation of Oakland and the Bay Area’s rich musical heritage for the past 48 years, as well as its continuing efforts to help bridge Oakland’s past and future.