PLEASE COMMENT ON Oakland's Downtown Development Plan!

The City of Oakland is developing a new plan to guide growth in the Downtown area for the next 25 years. Oakland Heritage Alliance has allied with housing, arts, and equity groups to champion community benefits such as affordable housing, historic preservation, and arts and cultural preservation in the plan.

With the drawn-out nature of the process, public involvement has been sparse. On Wednesday, February 20, the Planning Commission meets to hear comments on key issues for the Notice of Preparation of EIR and on the preliminary draft of the Downtown Plan. Come by after the Black Panther lecture (it's the last item on the agenda) and send comments to the staff and planning commission.

And whether or not you can make it in person, please send the Planning Commission an email. A sample is provided below, but please feel free to add or edit with your own thoughts. Kindly also bcc: Thank you for your help!

Sample Letter


Dear Planning Commissioners and staff,

Please consider my comments on the Preliminary Draft Downtown Plan and on the Notice of Preparation for an EIR:

      •  Promote community benefits—including affordable housing and TDRs to preserve historic            buildings—by reducing current excessive "by-right" FARs, height limits and residential                    density.

       • Ensure that new developments in or near Areas of Primary and Secondary Importance                  match or are lower than the scale of contributing historic buildings.

      • Provide a robust Transferable Development Rights (TDR) program.

      • Preserve important view corridors of iconic historic buildings, such as City Hall.

Historic Areas such as lower Broadway, Old Oakland, the Produce Market, and the Arts and Garage District, as well as the Downtown National Register District, make Oakland distinctive. Help preserve them in developing the plan.


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